Digital Cinema Projection

Cinema Scope Wide Screen

High Quality 5.1 Surround Sound

30 Premium Cinema Seats

Variety of Beverages and Snacks

New Cinema Releases


  • Parking

    Secure parking in Parkhurst Square
    On-street parking in the streets surrounding Parkhurst Square

  • Access to the Building

    1. There are 2 customer entrances to the Parkhurst Square lobby
      • Main building entrance on 4th Avenue
      • Parkhurst Square customer parking lot
    2. Ring the intercom (EGREK) to enter the building
    3. Once inside, take the elevator or stairs to the first floor

  • Wheelchair accessible cinema and toilets

    Please enter the building from the Parkhurst Square customer parking
    There are two small steps before the entrance. Please call us or ring the intercom and we will kindly come and assist you


Opening Times
12h00 - 21h00 (Monday - Monday)


Our vision is to create a beautiful cinema experience. Feel free to contact us with questions or general feedback, by completing the form below and we will respond within 48 hours

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First Floor
Parkhurst Square
38 4th Avenue

Cinema street view